Jonang-Shambhala Kalachakra Path

The Kalachakra Tantra is renowned for being the most complete and clear presentation of the Vajrayana, the Buddha’s esoteric teachings. Even though the path is direct and well-defined, where you are in your spiritual practice when you encounter the teachings will determine where you start. The Kalachakra teachings are extremely vast, detailed and flexible to cover the wide array of practitioners’ needs.  Khentrul Rinpoche cuts to the essence of the Kalachakra practices so that students may quickly progress along the path.

For those coming to Kalachakra with a background in other spiritual practices, Buddhist or non-Buddhist, there is no conflict. As your faith in and understanding of Kalachakra grows, it becomes clear that Kalachakra encompasses everything: the external cosmic reality, the internal mental and physical reality and the enlightened ultimate nature of reality. There is nothing that is outside of Kalachakra. While we are practicing in the Jonang Tibetan Buddhist tradition, this practice moves beyond conceptual labels such as “Buddhism” to help you unveil your sacred truth.



Khentrul Rinpoche does not require an empowerment for students to start the Ngondro. You can start practicing whenever you get the text. What is important is that you take refuge in your heart and develop a supreme wish for the liberation of all sentient beings.

  • Cultivate Renunciation
  • Take Refuge in the Three Jewels
  • Generate Bodhicitta
  • Connect with the Lineage
  • Purification Practice of Vajrasattva Heruka
  • Mandala Offering
  • Guru Yoga

At this point a Kalachakra Empowerment (7 Empowerments of a Growing Child) is needed to do the Uncommon preliminaries.

  • Uncommon Preliminary of Innate Kalachakra Diety Yoga
  • Uncommon Preliminary of Wen Sum/Three Isolation Meditation

Kalachakra Initiation

There are 3 sets of Kalachakra Empowerments. The first is called the “7 Empowerments of a Growing Child” and is the initiation into the Mandala. This empowerment is given with refuge, bodhisattva, tantric and uncommon tantric vows of Kalachakra. Upon receiving the initiation a student can practice the uncommon preliminary deity yoga of Innate Kalachakra. There is no limit to how many times a person can take this empowerment. Khentrul Rinpoche gives this empowerment publicly and anyone is welcome to take it. It is beneficial to take it as much as you can to help strengthen the karmic propensities with Kalachakra.

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After a student has studied and practiced the Kalachakra preliminaries and developed the 3 confidences, they are eligible to apply for the 4 higher empowerments. The student must be confident that the Kalachakra path will lead them to enlightenment,  that Rinpoche is their root guru and is qualified to teach them this path and that they believe in their own ability and are committed to realize these teachings.  This empowerment ripens the mind and prepares a practitioner for the 6 Vajra Yogas. Khentrul Rinpoche bestows this empowerment typically before teaching the Wen-Sum meditation uncommon preliminary of Kalachakra.











For the first time in 2019, Khentrul Rinpoche is bestowing transmission of the 1st yoga to a few of his senior students. This will be a first for lay practitioner western students. Rinpoche has the sincere aspiration and the dedication to bring the full path to non-monastic lay practitioners in their languages.


For the benefit of practioners, Khentrul Rinpoche has detailed out the complete Jonang Kalachakra Path in a very clear step-by-step manner. While all Vajrayana paths require a student – guru relationship to ripen, this will give anyone concise and precise instruction on how to follow this path.

Additional information is available on Khentrul Rinpoche’s website in  How to Practice the Kalachakra Path and The Methods for Practicing Kalachakra. Rinpoche’s books and religious supports for your practice materials may be purchased from our online store at