Sponsor the 2021 Kalachakra Empowerment

Make Offerings to the Kalachakra Mandala 

It is considered to be extremely meritorious and beneficial for anyone to participate in these practices either directly or through offerings. We request the kind offerings of all who feel inspired by these extraordinary events to contribute to the mandala. Your contribution will create the most auspicious conditions for the flourishing of Kalachakra and the ushering in of the golden age of peace and harmony.

If you would like to either bring, send in or sponsor a specific offering for the Mandala please email chloe@rimekalachakra.org so we can keep the list up to date. You can mail offerings to Rime Kalachakra, 3436 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, CA 94123 and they will be brought to New York.

The offerings and their placement around the Kalachakra mandala are very specific in their symbolism. We want to offer the opportunity for everyone to generate merit and be connected to this auspicious event. Please note do to the precise symbolism we will only be able to accept offerings to put on the mandala house that correspond to the list. If you have an offering you want to make that is not on this list, you can contact and we may be able to put it in the extensive offerings if it is a traditional offering object. The number next to the items indicates what is still needed. These items are relatively small. They sit inside of 4″ offering bowls. 

Crystal or Pond Lotus (No Limit), Small Butter Lamps (no limit), Mountain of Jewels like a King’s Teasury (4), Wish Fulfilling Cow – Kamadhenu(2), Treasure Vase (2), Wish fulfilling Tree (2),  Minature damaru (10), Small beautiful shoes (4), Jeweled/ Throne Room (4), Bedding (4), Garden (4),  Palace such as copper mountain, Potola, kalachakra, etc (4) Minature Sword of Manjushri (2), Diamond (4),  Emerald (3), Ruby (3), Fancy piece of cloth such as silk (4), Silk Ribbon Tied in  Bow (9), Miniature Flute (9), Jewels (2),  Gemstones assorted (1),  Tibetan Medicine (1), Right turning conch (1), small bone vajra ornament (1)

We appreciate any financial sponsorship of offerings for the empowerment. Money given here will go towards the offerings to Rinpoche such as the body, speech and mind offerings, supplies for the empowerment such as victory banner and parasols as well as offerings to the mandala such as the sand, rice, mandala house silk coverings and a variety of specific offering items to ensure we have all of the most auspicious offerings possible to offer the mandala.

Paypal Info@rimekalachakra.org and please note that it is an offering for the Kalachakra Empowerment. Please not we are not yet non-profit so your gift will not be tax deductible this year.

If you are joining us at the Kalachakra empowerment and want to bring an offering directly with you some things that can be brought and offered are flowers, rice, fruit, biscuits, food preferably that does not require refrigeration, and incense. If you would like to bring rice please email chloe@rimekalachakra.org in advance to let her know what you are bringing to insure we have a way of offering it. Please do not ship any of these items in advance.

Sponsor Khentrul Rinpoche’s North American Tour


There are several ways in which you can help us make it possible to continue to bring the Jonang Kalachakra teachings to the West. Help us afford the airfare, location rental, tea offering etc for the teachings around North America.