Initiation Empowerment & Retreat

August 25-30,2019


2019 Jonang Kalachakra Empowerment

Join us for the only Jonang Kalachakra empowerment in the United States this year at a beautiful retreat center in the wilderness of New York state. This is a rare opportunity to take the empowerment with the lineage that holds the precious completion stage yogas of Kalachakra. The empowerment ceremony will take place in a meditative atmosphere over the course of 5 days. It includes a ceremony to spread prayers for peace and harmony around the globe, ritual dances and the unveiling of a 3d version of the Jonang Kalachakra Mandala. Khentrul Rinpoche believes it’s best if you can understand what is happening in an empowerment ceremony so that you can be an active participant. You will be guided in a clear step-by-step way through the empowerment so that you can understand what you are receiving.


The Tibetan Buddhist Jonang Lineage specializes in the complete path that guide students in a clear step-by-step system to enlightenment. It is known specifically for upholding the 6 vajra yogas through which many enlightened masters have transitioned. It has rarely been taught in its entirety to lay (non-monastic) practitioners in the West. Most of the Jonang yogis remain practicing in their caves and monasteries in the Himalayas. Khentrul Rinpoche, inspired by His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s effort to initiate so may millions of students, has made it his life’s mission to bring these teachings to west in English. He hopes to create the conditions for both female and male practitioners living in their daily lives to realize the heart essence of these profound teachings.



Khentrul Rinpoché is very genuine focusing on catalyzing the transformation of the authentic aspirations of his students. He makes this rich & complex ancient wisdom accessible so that anyone can engage with it more easily, at their own capacity, in all areas of their life.


There are no prerequisites. This path is flexible; it allows us to engage with it wherever we are at. Everyone who has a desire can learn to practice the profound path of Kalachakra, the pinnacle of the Buddha’s teaching. The empowerment can be taken as a blessing or empowerment. The refuge, bodhisattva, tantric vows and uncommon vows of Kalachakra will be offered along with the empowerment for those taking this as an empowerment.

Kalachakra brings peace to oneself and the world as we learn to harmonize our environment with our body & mind. Kalachakra, which means wheel of time, transcends religions time, space and perceived reality. It is the essence that makes up our very nature. It harmonizes the cosmic, with our internal system and the enlightened mind. Unlike other buddhist teachings, Kalachakra is very detailed giving insight and direction to help anyone of any religious tradition realize their true nature. This teaching helps us move past habitual limitations to unleash our limitless potential of love & compassion.


Through lecture, discussion, silent meditation, mantra, and ritual offerings, form a deep connection to your own inner realm of peace and harmony. In this week long retreat you will gain an understanding of the Jonang Kalachakra path to enlightenment and how you can begin to engage with it wherever you are at. Khentrul Rinpoche will bestow the outer preliminary teachings, oral transmission of the divine ladder (the ngondro), Innate Kalachakra (uncommon preliminary of Kalachakra), and teachings on the six vajra yogas.



August 25-30th

Non-Residential Retreat   

$495  Program Cost

$70 Optional Commute Fee Includes Meals

Airbnb is an option in the area for those with or renting a car.

Residential Retreat 

$495  Program Cost

$495-895 On Campus Accommodations

Monastic Scholarships are Available.

Financial Scholarships Available.


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Buddha Shakyamuni taught the Kalachakra tantra to the kings of Shambhala at the same time as the heart sutra was taught. In it there is a clear prophecy for world peace to arise on this earth. Come create conditions to usher in the Golden Age of global peace and harmony.

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