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Regardless of what kind of person you are or how you’ve chosen to live your life, your ultimate aim is long-lasting happiness. Even though we are all seeking some form of happiness, very few of us are aware of what genuine happiness actually feels like. Khentrul Rinpoche shares insights from his book, “A Happier Life” which is a treasury of wisdom to guide you towards achieving this, point by point, at every stage of life. It journeys through childhood, teenage years, early and mature adulthood and ends with some heartfelt advice for achieving genuine insight and a peaceful departure from this life. At each stage he draws attention to many of the opportunities and obstacles we all face.

Khentrul Rinpoche has experienced three completely different lifestyles in his life to date: the primitive nomadic culture of remote Tibet; many years of exceptional and rigorous training as a Tibetan yogic monk and then the experience of a rapid immersion into the very different lifestyle of the modern West. His unique experience allows him to cut through our own cultural barriers bringing a rich perspective on attitudes towards life and living.

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Wednesday, August 7 — Rituals of Empowerment (Rubin Museum)
Thursday, August 8 – How to Live a Happier Life Regardless of Circumstances (Buddhist Insights)
Friday, August 9 — Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times: Shambhala and World Peace (Tibet House New York)
Sat August 10 – Jonang Kalachakra: A Clear Step-by-Step System to Enlightenment (Tibet House New York)
Sun August 11— Retreat: Primordial Wisdom: Emptiness and Buddha-nature in Kalachakra (Tibet House New York)
Sun – Fri, August 25 – 30 – Kalachakra for World Peace – Empowerment and Retreat (Omega Rhinebeck, New York)

Contact the organizing committee at chloe@rimekalachakra.org