Latest Past Events

Kalachakra Tsok (California)

The Kalachakra Tsok offering feast is a profound way for Kalachakra Initiates to accumulate merit and wisdom while purifying obscurations. It helps restore any broken vows and Samaya as well as upkeep several of our tantric vows. During a vajra feast, we arrange food offerings and purify them and then invite your vajra brothers and [...]

Retreat: Kalachakra Initiation for World Peace (Empowerment)

Omega Institute 150 Lake Drive, Rhinebeck

Join us for the only Jonang Kalachakra empowerment in the United States this year at a beautiful retreat center in the wilderness of New York state. The empowerment ceremony will take place in a meditative atmosphere over the course of 5 days. It includes a ceremony to spread prayers for peace and harmony around the [...]

Dzambhala Empowerment for Wealth & Abundance

Terma Foundation 2 Old English Lane, Markham

Dzambhala is the deity of spiritual and material wealth. When practiced with bodhicitta and pure motivation to benefit the buddha, spread the dharma, help the sangha and all beings have the spiritual and material needs met to realize enlightenment, it can create the conditions for spiritual and material abundance to flourish in one's own life [...]

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